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Health Angels Wellness Team

Welcome to Healths Angels

Kent and South East London's leading weight loss and wellness clinic, established over 19 years.

We are proud to have evolved into a highly reputable natural health clinic, with proven and unrivalled success across our portfolio of treatments as well as having gained Accreditation as a Systematic Kinesiology Training School.

In our luxury air-conditioned clinic, we offer a wide range of treatments including RejuvaDETOX, RejuvaLYMPH and RejuvaTONE exclusively to the area which boast life transformational results as our countless visitors books and case studies demonstrate.

RejuvaDETOX, established in 1994 is the world’s first guaranteed weight loss system. Health’s Angels have been Pioneers in this programme for 20 years and have unmatched successes in this field.

We also offer Kinesiology- a powerful muscle testing therapy to identify imbalances in the body and bespoke correctional methods including nutritional and Bach remedies as well as emotional, energetic and structural balancing.

From babies to the elderly we offer an abundance of natural and holistic therapies including a Children’s clinic from food testing to Counselling, a Pain Clinic using both Acupuncture and state of the art Far Infra Red Therapy as well as a Fertility clinic.

We are a team of highly experienced, compassionate and dedicated therapists, here to help you create the life that you want, which might be feeling more energetic, slimmer, more confident, relinquishing or easing health conditions or simply enjoying the many benefits of a rejuvenating

We offer Accredited training courses in Systematic Kinesiology. Please contact us if you are interested in branching into the health industry or are already an existing practitioner and want to expand on your skill sets and earning potential.

We are unrivalled in our approach, guaranteeing results on our revolutionary weight /inch loss detox system RejuvaDETOX and offer free consultations and digestive health scans.

Through our individual treatments and programmes we have helped thousands of people regain control of their health and wellness and live a better quality of life.

We are 20 minutes from London.
Car parking is available on site and the clinic is conveniently located in Bexley Village; walking distance from Bexley station and is on the 132, B14, 229, 269 and B12 and 492 bus routes.