RejuvaDetox In The Media

Find out what journalists think of our flagship weight loss and wellness programme 'RejuvaDetox' in some of the world’s most popular magazines and publications.

"In just 2 weeks my IBS was ‘cured’ and was pain free, no bloating and was losing weight and inches"

Marie Claire

"RejuvaDetox is the celebrity way to shed unwanted weight and boost health"

The Sunday Times

"Our RejuvaDetox tester lost 5 lbs and a total of 22 inches from her waist, stomach and legs, leaving her body more proportionate, full of energy and no longer craving coffee."

Women's Health

"Our RejuvaDetox tester in her mid 40’s had been trying to lose weight for years, in just 2 weeks she went from 11 stone 6 lbs to 9 stone 12 lbs with a huge 42 inches lost from her overall body shape. Best for those in serious need of a physical MOT."

Woman's Own

"After having RejuvaDetox I bounced out of the clinic, feeling great. I lost 11 lbs and dropped from a 14 to a 12, I’m about to go on holiday and just brought a bikini. Last year I was dreading stripping off."

OK! Magazine

"I lost 18 lbs. and 26 inches from my body including the three inches from my waist, and the RejuvaDetox machine definitely helped tone my body."

Now Magazine

"Incredibly after 14 days I’d lost 7 lbs and felt amazing on RejuvaDetox, it helped smooth the cellulite of my bottom and top of my legs."

Vogue Magazine

“Great for anti-ageing and weight-loss!”


“Ideal for anyone looking for a serious detox programme”.