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"I have lost 1 stone 6lb’s and 21 inches! So happy, I’ve managed to work around going away and a big birthday celebration! Feel incredible and so comfortable in my clothes. Thank you Angels" - Gemma, Bromley
"I have just finished the RejuvaDetox programme and it has been life changing for me. I have Fibromyalgia, it has reduced my pain, helped me sleep and given me energy that’s been life-transforming. I also lost weight and 19 inches! Thank you, Angels, for your never ending encouragement, knowledge and support. It has given me time with my children again. I will be following your maintenance recommendation. No words are enough, you are all wonderful! X" - Hannah
"It was my 78th birthday, so I decided to buy the RejuvaDetox course as a present to myself. My expectations weren’t high since there were not many things to eliminate from my already healthy diet. To my very great surprise eating more of the healthy food was part of the solution. The plan included lots of fruit for breakfast, salad and soup for lunch and a healthy balanced dinner of meat and fish, rice or potatoes and vegetables. I am now more than 2 stone lighter and 50.5 inches smaller. I have gone from a dress size 20-22 to a 16-18 after a dramatic inch loss. I now have better energy levels and a clarity of mind. Even more importantly the chronic inflammation in my system has been eliminated. Thank you Angels!" - Cosette, B
"I have steadily been putting on weight for the last 30 plus years and although I have tried so many diet plans, I never really achieved a great weight loss. However, I have completed a 5-week course of RejuvaDetox and have lost 1 stone 5 1/2lbs and 25 inches. I feel great, more energetic and full of life. The ‘Angels’ have all been great-very helpful and friendly. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to change their life and well-being! Thank you all!" - Elaine, Kent
"18lbs and 17 inches in 4 weeks! I came back to Rejuva after feeling very low-fat-slow and old. After the first 2 weeks, my back and foot pain had gone, I speeded up and felt less bloated. Today after 4 weeks I feel great, 10 years younger atleast! Thank you Emma, Vanessa, Mel and Jane. My belly no longer leads me into the room!"
"Wow! Just finished 4 week course and have lost 24 inches (6 inches from my waist) and 11lbs. Really enjoyed all the vegetables and fruit and will change my diet for the future. All the girls were lovely, supportive and kind. I would thoroughly recommend RejuvaDetox to everyone. Thank you so much x" - Sonia
"When I walked into Healths Angels 5 weeks ago, I was stressed, unhappy, tired and an overweight mess! The Angels immediately put me at ease giving me the confidence and encouragement to make me believe that I could do something about it, and the answer was RejuvaDetox, the diet is easy to follow (planning is key) with sessions on their magic machine, which turned into my favourite time of the week (being told to lay down, read magazines and keep hydrated was a treat I don’t want to give up!) After a few days I could feel my blood sugars settling so much that my Coke Zero and tea cravings were non existent and I slept like a baby for the first time in years, which was a wonderful side effect.

I have so much to thank for RejuvaDetox for putting me on a much healthier path, no more headaches or PMT issues and reminding me how it feels not to be constantly tired. All this and I’m 1st 8lbs lighter and 30 inches slimmer!!! Thank you Angels for all your support, and my family thank you too for their super chilled rebooted mum!"
"Thank you to all at Healths Angels. I have completed two courses of RejuvaDetox and lost 2 stone and 30.5”. My Scans have changed from extremely congested and toxic to clear blue. The diet is really easy to stick with over the sessions. I felt I had more energy and less tired within 2 days of starting the sessions and my follow up Kinesiology session with Vanessa showed that the Rejuva Detox had returned my Endocrine System to Balance. I can highly recommend Rejuva as I have tried to lose weight by eating healthy for years with no result and with no effort lost weight and inches over the course".
"Wow! What can I say about the Rejuva Detox and the Angels? It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and a big thank you to all of them for their help and support. I did the 28 day programme and lost 15lbs and 15.5 inches also its changed my way of thinking about food. 100% recommend Healths Angels thank you all so much!"
"I have completed 28 days of RejuvaDetox and lost 1 stone & 1lb. I have learnt a new way of eating which has given me energy and a new way of life. Absolutely delighted. With thanks to the girls at Healths Angels for their support and guidance."
Carole Before & After
"I lost 9lb and 26 inches in four weeks. I can’t begin to explain how unwell I felt and looked!! 4 weeks later I feel fantastic, well, alive and living my life to the full! I actually feel quite emotional about it because I have my life back on track with the help of all the lovely staff. I am going to continue having treatments and follow the maintenance plan. Thank you so much".
"I have just finished my 2 nd course and lost 11lbs and 23.5 inches. Over the 2 courses I have lost 27 pounds and 43.5 inches-I feel great! The plan has been very easy to follow, and I will continue this journey. Thank you!".
Linda before and after
"I lost 9lb and 26 inches in four weeks. I can’t begin to explain how unwell I felt and looked!! 4 weeks later I feel fantastic, well, alive and living my life to the full! I actually feel quite emotional about it because I have my life back on track with the help of all the lovely staff. I am going to continue having treatments and follow the maintenance plan. Thank you so much".
Christine Before & After
"I lost 1 stone and 8lbs and 41 inches in 6 weeks ! Have more energy and love clothes shopping now! I now no longer feel sluggish, emotional and unhappy with myself Now feeling much happier with the weight and inch loss noticeable, I have more energy. Thank you for the support Angels".
Clare Before & After
"I have struggled with IBS for over 30 years and decided to give Rejuvadetox a whirl, I have not had one symptom! I lost 18lbs and 26 inches too. Can’t praise this highly enough will defiantly maintain to continue feeling this healthy".
"It is the only diet that seems to have long term results for my health and body, I lost 15lbs and 24.5 inches in 4 weeks. I know I will not put this weight back on. I feel so happy and healthy and I thank all the Angels for their ongoing support, highly recommended!"
"No amount of thank you’s will ever feel enough. 19lbs & 30, yes 30 inches! In 5 weeks, what an amazing system. I had doubts-if you do too-trust me no need!! Healths Angels has been my ‘Happy place’ for the last month. I will miss all the Angels who have been so genuinely friendly and caring! Now I can embark on my next challenge-IVF!! With my head held high and knowing I have given it my best shot, thank you RejuvaDetox. An extra special thank you to Vanessa who was my guardian angel!"
"I needed a kickstart and the RejuvaDetox plan is exactly what I have needed. After becoming a Dad and having a busy work life, I was getting into bad habits, poor eating and drinking and feeling constantly tired and run down. In 21 days I have lost 13lbs and 6 inches and have no cravings. My well-being is great, I feel so much better and calm. I will carry on the food and hope to lose more as I want to continue feeling great. Why didn’t I do this 5 years ago? Thanks for all your help!"
"Wow! I feel like a different person after 28 days losing 13lbs and 24 inches. It has made me feel more confident I also have more energy, better skin and sleep better. Thank you Angels for all your support and encouragement."
"I remember my very first day at Health’s Angels. I was tired, stressed out, over weight and felt unhealthy. I read comments in the book and wondered if I would ever feel like all the things described. Well, 28 days later I am 12lbs lighter, 21.5 inches smaller and more energised than ever! I loved the plan and the machine so much that I am booking again! I enjoyed all the foods and loved learning how to cook and eat healthy again! Not just for me but for the whole family. I will never go back now…thank you Angels, so much!"
"I have lost 3 stone and 43 inches on Rejuvadetox, it has been a life changing experience, I feel so much healthier, thank you so much for all your help."
"This is my second time doing Rejuvadetox. I did this course because I remember how revitalised I felt after the first one 3 years ago. Once again it has done wonders for me, I feel so much more positive in the way I feel and have lost 15lbs and 22.5 inches!!! Incredible but more importantly I feel healthier and have so much more energy. Thank you girls you as always have been an inspiration".
"Last day of the 10 day plan. 12lbs lighter and lost 6 inches, mostly from my tummy. Very easy if you put the effort in and you see the results quickly! You don’t starve or feel hungry, other than the odd craving for something unhealthy. I’ll continue with more booster treatments and maybe the month programme when I have the time. The 10 day and 14 day programme make it easy to start. Thank you Healths-Angels!"
Clare Before & After
"After completing the 4 week course I feel amazing- ALIVE AGAIN! It was tough in the beginning and sticking to the programme was easier than I thought. Not only am I awake earlier I have more energy and I’m not tired or sleepy. I feel happy and confident and to add to all of this I have lost 13lbs and 12 inches in 4 weeks. The difference is brilliant! I would recommend this to everyone thanks so much!".
"I have just finished five weeks on RejuvaDetox and feel amazing. My thyroid levels are now in normal range compared to being sky high when I started. Thank you to all the Angels for keeping me on track and helping me lose 17lbs and 20.5 inches in just over a month!"
"Well, where do I start? What a fantastic team (truly Angels!) I have lost 13lbs and 20 inches, I feel fantastic! I have tried every diet and exercise routine and have never lost so much weight so quickly (and no exercise) I can’t believe it, the girls are so helpful with advice and always have time to help, thank you! X"
Sarah Before & After
"32lbs and 31 inches in 4 weeks-I am a different person-more energy, movement and flexibility. Thank you to all the girls who have been truly supportive. I would recommend this course to everyone. I will definitely return".
Paul Before & After
"Rejuvadetox has been a life changing experience for me! I have lost 1 stone and 7lbs and 18 ½ inches in 4 weeks all thanks to the rejuva course and the Angels who are so hopeful and knowledgable. I felt very welcome. Thank you so much".
Lisa Before & After
"I lost 13lbs and 31 inches. I am so happy and feel so much better within myself after my my Rejuvadetox programme. Thanks for all your support that I was given, I certainly won’t be wasting all my hard work to get to where I am now! Really recommend it if you want a to lose weight and not be hungry! Thank you".
Lenny Before & after
"Been on the RejuvaDetox and enjoyed the experience. Feeling so much better in myself and lost a total of 30lbs and 23.5 inches. Everyone at Healths Angels has really helped me along the journey. Can’t believe the difference over the programme and will be eating and keeping healthy in the future. I’ll recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better in themselves".
Sarah Before & After
"32lbs and 31 inches in 4 weeks-I am a different person-more energy, movement and flexibility. Thank you to all the girls who have been truly supportive. I would recommend this course to everyone. I will definitely return".
Christine before and after
"For as long as I can remember I have been dieting. I have tried many diets in the past and had decided at the age of sixty that I was meant to be fat. Then, when looking through the local paper I noticed an advert for Health’s Angels RejuvaDetox. Something about it caught my eye and I decided to find out more. I wasn’t disappointed . I made an appointment after speaking with Vanessa who was very understanding and carefully explained the whole concept to me. I signed up for 12 treatments (the 4 week course).All the staff were extremely encouraging. I stuck to the plan and after one week I had lost 7 lbs, as well as several inches. This gave me the incentive I needed and I eagerly awaited my next sessions. I never felt hungry and always enjoyed the food I was eating.It wasn’t a diet, just a healthier way of living. I have now lost 30 lbs and I feel like a woman. I am able to buy clothes I could only have dreamt about before and most importantly the weight has stayed off. I cant thank Vanessa and her staff enough".