Introducing  Rejuva-Ten

Introducing Rujuva-Ten  … our new and exciting 10 day Rejuva programme for those wanting to reboot their metabolism and kick start a weight loss and cleanse.


Rejuva-Ten is perfect for:

  • Those already on a diet who want to maximise their results
  • Those with weddings/holidays on the horizon who want to look/feel amazing
  • Those who need a kick start to balance their body and purge their body of toxins and bad fats
  • People who feel sluggish and de motivated and want professional help and support on a unrivaled wellness system used and recommended by the medical healthcare profession.

Rejuva-Ten includes:

  • A free 20 minute consultation and digestive scan
  • X 3 RejuvaDetox sessions our our revolutionary lymphatic drainage and fat breakdown system
  • X 1 lifestyle analysis
  • X 10 day meal suggestion programme consisting of abundance of natural, healthy foods including chicken, fish lamb, brown rice, fruits, salads and luscious dressings (vegetarian options available)
  • X 2 weigh in, full body measures and thermographic digestive scans
  • Coaching from our specialist therapists
  • Maintenance programme and end of treatment consultation to ensure the right direction for you to sustain and maintain your results

All for only £195

To find out more about Rejuva-Ten call Vanessa on 01322 555600