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Kinesiology Training – Vanessa’s Story

Health’s Angels not only offer Kinesiology treatments to help you loose weight and feel great, we also offer training courses so that you can becoming a practitioner yourself.

My name is Vanessa and I founded Health’s Angels in 1999. My life was literally transformed after being fortunate enough to discover Kinesiology (and other new-thinking treatments) for an article I was writing in Health and Fitness magazine many moons ago. In just four weeks I lost 15Ibs of toxic fat, 27 inches and I healed IBS too .. is it any wonder I went on to train in Kinesiology so I could help others? However I wasn’t content just treating people, I wanted to teach people to become Kinesiologists for themselves as well, so I completed my tutor training in 2009 and now run busy courses through out the year.

Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies. It uses muscle testing as a type of body language. It is non -invasive, drug-free and enormously empowering.


Students training and having fun at our peaceful venue in Bexley.


So now YOU can train in Kinesiology (just like I did) to your chosen level, maybe you just want to look after your own health and well-being and those you love, or perhaps you wants to become a fully qualified Kinesiology and charge for your services? I can help you achieve your goals with our fully accredited Kinesiolgy Foundation Courses.

Kinesiology literally transformed my  life, it could transform yours too!

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