Intensive Training Courses

Would you love to train in Kinesiology but perhaps:

    • You have time or travelling restrictions
    • Childcare considerations
    • Other work commitments
  • Or you are someone who prefers to work one-on-one rather than in a group environment?

Well you may be interested to know that as well as running my regular training courses, I also offer 8-day intensive training courses in Kinesiology (incorporating levels 1-6) which are available over a period of a few weeks. The course is tailored to the student, has a maximum of 2 places and is held in my own clinic at a cost of £2400 per person (including a test kit, a magnet, a laser, 2 professional handbooks and certification.);

Contact me for details of the next course: 01322 555600 or email on:

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who:

    • Wants to fast-track their learning (so that they can go on to study more advanced levels with T.A.S.K in a shorter time-frame)
    • Really relishes personal training with an experienced and inspirational tutor
    • Is ready to learn a life changing skill either for themselves or their loved ones
    • Is already trained in another healthcare modality (you could potentially, in a very quick time frame, be professionally qualified and certified in Systematic Kinesiology massively expanding your client base and earning potential.)
  • And/or wants to take the first step towards a new and exciting career in healthcare.

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