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How To Spring Clean Your Mind and Body …

British Summer Time has officially started and with the arrival of Spring, you may be feeling an urge to de-clutter and deep clean your house as you begin to notice the light return. However as well as caring for your external world, we at Health’s Angels believe that spring cleaning your internal world is just (if not more) important. So here are a few ways to begin spring cleaning YOU

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Warm lemon water serves as the perfect ‘good morning drink’ as it flushes out body toxins and helps to gently stimulate the digestive system.

NASA once conducted a study in search of the best exercise to rehabilitate astronauts after spending time in gravity-deprived outer space, and bouncing on a mini trampoline (or rebounding) came out top. If you want an exercise that benefits the 50+trillion cells in your body … this could be the one.

Eating junk or processed food is an easy option during the long dark Winter months, but now is the perfect time to focus all of your attention on the abundance of fresh and local spring food that is available, which offers an abundance of vitamins and minerals that your body is now crying out for.

In the UK, our skin isn’t able to make vitamin D from winter sunlight (November to March) as the sunlight hasn’t got enough UVB (ultraviolet B) so now is the time to top up those crucial Vitamin D stores. Vitamin D is known as The Sunshine Vitamin and although it is possible to get it from supplementation most experts agree that sunlight exposure is the best way to absorb it.

It’s all very well de-toxing your body, but if your mind is full of toxic thoughts, your results will be limited. Ask Vanessa about Meridian Tapping Technqiues (also known as EFT.)

If you are really serious about spring cleaning your mind and your body, then please remember that we offer a range of new-thinking and very exciting treatments that can really kick start your inner spring clean such as:

  1. REJUVADETOX is a revolutionary detox programme purging the body of toxins and aiding absorption. 2 and 4 week courses are available as well as top up sessions for clients that understand the importance of maintaining their results.
  2. QMA BODY SCREENING is a painless and fun process where we can screen 19 organs to assess the condition of the body, and offer suggestions for treatment or lifestyle guidance where appropriate.
  3. TURN BACK TIME is an arterial stiffness and circultatory check which again offers nutritional and lifestyle guidance where appropriate.
  4. KINESIOLOGY uses painless muscle testing to identify and treat imbalances, deficiences and food sensitivities in the mind and body.
  5. BESPOKE WELLNESS PACKAGES we also offer tailor made packages to help you transform your wellness suitable to your needs and requirements

Get in touch today and start your inner spring clean with our dedicated, inspiring and passionate team at Health’s Angels.

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