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15 Reasons Why a Career in Kinesiology and Natural Health is an absolute winner!

Are you bored of your current role in life and are yearning for more satisfaction and adventure? Do you have an interest in natural health and would love to learn more on how to help yourself and loved ones? Have you wondered how more beautiful your life would be learning a life transforming therapy that you could evolve into a business around your family, your hours, your way? Having spent…

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Fibromyalgia-FREE talk and food testing on powerful, natural ways to help.

  Over the years we have treated an increasing number of clients suffering with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. The symptoms we have witnessed have been so much more than just excruciating pain and soreness. Clients report of incredible, depilitating stiffness, insomina, lethargy, restless legs, brain fog, intense sugar cravings, depression, weight issues. And sadly, so much more. As Health Practitioners our objective is to treat the client holistically-as a ‘whole…

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Boost Your Energy with The Thymus Thump

The thymus thump is just one of many empowering techniques that I use as a Kinesiologist and although it can be done by someone who hasn’t trained in Kinesiology it does have the potential to become even more powerful when combined with muscle testing. If you want to know even more about techniques like this keep reading to the bottom of this article to find out more about my regular…

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Crawl B4 School

The summer holidays are almost a distant memory … and if you feel you might have trouble getting yourself or your children out of bed in the morning after all those lie-ins, you may want to give the ‘cross crawl’ exercise a go. Cross crawl is an exercise that I teach on my Kinesiology Training Courses and it is essentially an exaggerated walk which facilitates the crossover of energy between the left…

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Kinesiology Training – A Joy!

One of my favourite roles at Health’s Angels is teaching Systematic Kinesiology. I am always blessed to have such a fabulous blend of bright, enthusiastic and compassionate students with a strong and sincere will to help others with their health. What they do not expect is how their own lives change on their journey through the modules and month by month they bloom and develop with such enthusiasm and delight…

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Kinesiology Training – Vanessa’s Story

Health’s Angels not only offer Kinesiology treatments to help you loose weight and feel great, we also offer training courses so that you can becoming a practitioner yourself. My name is Vanessa and I founded Health’s Angels in 1999. My life was literally transformed after being fortunate enough to discover Kinesiology (and other new-thinking treatments) for an article I was writing in Health and Fitness magazine many moons ago. In…

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