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Health’s Angels in Bella Magazine

Check us out  in Bella …

Health’s Angels was recently  featured in a Christmas edition of the magazine, as it is always a popular time of year for people to think about getting into shape … but the article is relevant all year round as it gives information about our Pure Genesis Machine.

Health's Angels in National Media

Health’s Angels in National Media

Here is a summary of our feature …

Vanessa O’Sullivan owner of Health’s Angels weigh-loss clinic in Kent (01322 555600;, says: ‘The Pure Genesis machine offers the latest advancement in effective inch loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Clients have fast results, on average losing a dress size with eight to 12 sessions.’

The one machine offers three different treatments.

Advanced Laser Lipolysysis a painless treatment said to reduce the size of fat cells. You can expect to lose between half an inch and three inches across all areas in one session. 

For extra benefits you can combine this with Ultrasonic Cavitation. This works to pulverise the fat and break it down.

Multi Polar RF uses radio frequency to boost collagen for skin tightening and cellulite reducing effects. You can have one treatment every two weeks. For the best slimming and cellulite busting results combine it with the treatments above or have it alone to combat loose skin.

If you would like help loosing weight and feeling great, and want to find out more about any of these treatments. Please contact us direct, we would love to hear from you.

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